R.O. Levy
Home for Funerals

B 15-833-TDH Tigereye/Champagne Velvet
16 Gauge Steel/Monoseal Order Code: 147743

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• Batesville’s 4 Point Protection Package
1) Locking mechanism plus a one piece rubber gasket to completely seal the top
2) PerfectLink™ System used to completely seal the bottom
3) Each casket factory tested for resistance to entry of outside elements
4) Fully insured warranty
• Plus Exclusive Guardian Monoseal Protection Features
1) Exterior cathodically protected against rust and corrosion
2) Interior chemically protected against rust and corrosion
• Safety Seal, Swing Bar Hardware
• Shaded Finish
• Tinted Top Coat
• Adjustable Bed and Mattress
• Memorial Record™ System
• Living Memorial® Program